Course Introduction


剑桥 A Level 课程
剑桥 A Level课程


Cambridge A Level Curriculum

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest education examination institution and provides widely recognized qualification certificate courses for 5- to 19-year-old students. These qualification certificates are accepted all over the world, and there are over 10,000 schools in 160 countries that started CIE certificate courses of their own.


The CIE Authorization Certificate.

剑桥国际A Level课程

剑桥大学考试委员会(CIE)的A Level课程是专门为国际学生进入世界优质大学设计的,一共有55门。学生通常可以根据自己的学术兴趣或未来的职业发展方向选择其中3到4门课程。其中数学、高等数学、物理、化学、经济、生物、历史是中国学生选择比较多的几门课,也是大学高度认可的学术类课程。

每门 A Level课程的教学大纲分为 AS和A2两个部分,一般需要通过两年的教学时间完成。CIE分别于每年的5-6月和10-11月在全球范围内组织统一考试,考试在各个注册的剑桥国际中心进行。

学习A Level课程的学生,可以直接通过UCAS(英国大学招生服务系统)直接申请英国的大学。同时A Level资格证书在英联邦国家及欧洲国家的大学也是高度认可的,用A Level成绩也可以直接申请加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、欧洲、中国香港等国家及地区。A Level课程在美国大学也是高度认可的,包括哈佛、耶鲁、斯坦福等大学,学生还可以用A Level 统考成绩在美国大学换取学分,最高可以换取一个学年的学分。

Curriculum Description

CIE A-Level curriculum is designed for international students who aim to enter top-tier universities. There are a total of 55 courses in this curriculum. Students can choose 3 to 4 streams based on their academic interests or future career paths, and augment their choices with many elective courses. Among all the courses offered at Guanghua College – Pudong are Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, History, English; these courses have proved popular amongst Chinese students, and are also highly sought after by prestigious universities.

The syllabus for each A-Level course is divided into AS and A2, and each course generally needs two years to finish. In May/June and October/November of every year CIE organizes unified examinations on a global scale. The examinations take place at each registered Cambridge International Center, and are administered by our highly trained and specialized staff.

Students who are involved in A-Level courses can directly apply to British Universities through UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), while the A-Level certificates are extensively recognized by universities in Commonwealth countries as well as European countries. The A-Level score can also be used to apply to universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions around the world. In addition, the A-Level curriculum is widely accepted by American universities including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. Student can also use A-Level scores in exchange for college credits in many American universities to fast track up to one years’ worth of university school credits.


  • 提供英国剑桥 A Level课程;
  • 学生可以根据自己的学术兴趣或未来的职业方向选课;
  • 英语教学以原汁原味的文学阅读写作为核心,在全面提高学生的英语听说读写综合能力的同时,也为学生的语言考试(雅思、ESL、EFL)打下良好的基础;
  • 提供个性化的ISU定制荣誉课程;
  • 针对英国及英联邦国家大学申请特点,指导学生参加与专业相关的社会实践、实习;
  • 一对一的大学申请规划与指导,每个学生都有自己个性化的留学指导档案。

Cambridge A Level Program offers

  • Cambridge A Level Courses;
  • Choice of courses based on students’ academic interests or future career paths;
  • English teaching that is based on literary reading and writing, aiming at fully improving students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
  • Offers personalized ISU Program;
  • Instruct students to participate in social practice and internship related to their majors based on the application process of universities in Britain and Commonwealth countries;
  • One-to-one planning and counseling for college applications. Each student will have a personalized file for studying abroad.


年级 课程设置
PREA年级 学术课程:数学、物理、化学、经济
AS年级 学术课程:数学、物理、化学/经济/生物
A2年级 学术课程:高等数学、物理、化学/经济/生物

Cambridge A level Program (Three-year Program)

Grade Courses
PREA Academic Courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics
Language and Humanity Courses: English (ESL) and Literature, Chinese, History
Skills and Vocational Courses: Sports, Music, Vocational Education, Arts and Designs
AS Grade Academic Courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Economics/Biology
Language and Humanity Courses: English (FLE) and Literature, History, Drama
Skills and Vocational Courses: Sports, Career planning
A2 Grade Academic Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Economics/Biology
Language and Humanity Courses: English and Literature, History, Drama
Skills and Vocational Courses: Sports, Counseling, Accounting, Media Study
美国大学先修课程 AP课程简介
美国大学先修课程 AP课程简介

AP(Advanced placement)是美国大学先修课程,AP课程及考试始于1955年,由美国大学理事会(College Board)主办。在高中阶段开设具有大学水平的课程,可以让学生在美国大学理事会注册AP老师的指导下,提前熟悉大学相关课程和学习方法,使学生更容易适应大学的学习。优异的AP成绩不仅可以换学分也是大学发放奖学金的重要依据及在大学有优先选课权。对于能同时学习多个学科的AP课程并通过考试的学生,可以获得大学认可度很高的APID文凭。

Guanghua-Wasatch Academy Diplomas Program About AP Courses of College Board

AP (Advanced placement) is a university course offered to high school students, and was started in 1955 by the American College Board. Setting up college level courses in high school can help students get familiar with college-level courses and learning methods under the guidance of American College Board Certified AP teachers, and help the students adapt to studying in the college. Not only can excellent AP scores be exchanged for credits, but can also serve as an important reference for scholarships and class selections. Students who are able to study AP courses for multiple disciplines at the same time and pass the examinations will obtain the APID, which is highly recognized by many US colleges.


The AP Authorization Certificate.

美国Wasatch 高中简介(合作美高)

美国Wasatch中学位于犹他州, 1875年建校,是美国NAIS(National Association of Independent Schools)联盟认证学校。在美国,独立制学校一贯以学术质量优秀著称。该校有十分优良的教育传统和极佳的教学品质,拥有先进的教学和通信技术,要求每位学生都要努力超越自己所设定的目标。该校教学在美国拥有良好的声誉,包括在体育、社区服务、文化修养、领导能力方面为学生提供与众不同的机遇。该校的学生一直很自信,富有好奇心和同情心。学生SAT和ACT成绩皆十分优异,98%的学生都能进入一流大学继续深造。包括哈佛、耶鲁、普林斯顿、麻省理工等世界顶级名校。

国内合作学校均为著名高中如北京十一中学、南京外国语学校,我校是Wasatch 高中合作的唯一私立高中。

Wasatch 高中和光华教育集团是战略合作伙伴。

About Wasatch Academy

Wasatch Academy is located in the state of Utah, USA, and was established in 1875. It is certified by the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) League. Independent schools in the United States are usually prestigious preparatory schools marked for their excellence in delivering quality education to their students. Wasatch Academy is famous for its educational tradition and phenomenal teaching quality, with the school being equipped with advanced technologies that facilitate teaching and communication, and where students are required to make great efforts to surpass their own goals. Additionally, this school enjoys a great teaching reputation and tries to provide many varied opportunities for its students in physical education, community service, cultural cultivation and leadership capacity. The students attending this school learn to be confident, inquisitive, and often attain leadership roles in the community. These students do very well on the SAT and ACT, and 98% of them are admitted into top universities for post-secondary education (including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other top universities in the world).


US Wasatch Academy Diploma




  • 提供美国Wasatch 高中课程,Wasatch 高中在重视通识教育的同时,认可学生在不同学科上的能力有所不同,不同学科提供不同难度的课程供学生选修;
  • 英语教学以原汁原味的文学阅读写作为核心,在全面提高学生的英语听说读写综合能力的同时,也为学生的语言考试(托福)打下良好的基础;
  • 提供PSAT考试,在学生学习SAT和AP课程前,对学生的能力做一个全面评估;
  • 提供两次SAT培训;
  • 提供个性化的ISU定制荣誉课程;
  • 提供AP课程,学生可以根据自己的学术兴趣,选修AP课程;
  • 针对美国大学的入学要求,为学生的课外活动提供详细指导;
  • 一对一的大学申请规划与指导,每个学生都有自己个性化的留学指导档案。
年级 课程设置
10年级 美高课程:数学、英语及文学、世界历史、经济、科学(物理/化学/生物)、体育、艺术(音乐/艺术设计/戏剧)
11年级 美高课程:数学、英语及文学、美国历史、科学(物理/化学/生物)、体育、艺术(戏剧/音乐剧)、技术(通信技术/编程)、选修课(法语/高级艺术/音乐鉴赏)
12年级 美高课程:数学、英语及文学、科学(物理/化学/生物)、体育、技术(通信技术/编程)、选修课(西班牙语/法语/高级艺术/音乐鉴赏)

Guanghua-Wasatch Academy Curriculum

Guanghua-Wasatch Academy Curriculum puts more emphasis on a holistic education. Students must earn a minimum of 18 credits among English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Science, Arts, Technology and optional courses to obtain the Wasatch Academy Diploma. Guanghua-Wasatch Academy curriculum pays more attention to class participation and performance during teaching, and puts a high value on students’ GPA. Students who have demonstrated an ability to learn well can take optional AP courses.

  • Offers Wasatch Academy courses ,which attach great importance to holistic education and also respect the fact that students have their own aptitudes, so each subject will provide tailored courses to motivate students’ academic interest.
  • English teaching is based on literary reading and writing, aiming at fully improving students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Offers PSAT tests and it can provide a thorough evaluation of students’ abilities before they start SAT preparation and AP courses.
  • Offers two SAT training sessions.
  • Offers personalized ISU Program.
  • Offers AP courses. The students can take optional AP courses based on their academic interests and merit.
  • Provides guidance to extracurricular activities for the students.
  • One-to-one planning and counseling for college applications.
Grade Courses
Grade 10 Wasatch Academy Courses: Mathematics, English and Literature, World History, Economics, Sciences (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Sports, Arts (Music/Art Designs/Drama)
AP Courses: AP Chinese and Chinese Culture
Vocational Courses: Vocational Education
Preparation Courses: PSAT
Grade 11 Wasatch Academy Courses: Mathematics, English and Literature, American History, Sciences (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Sports, Arts (Drama/Theater), Technology (ICY/Programming), Optional courses (French/Advanced Arts/Music appreciation)
AP Courses: AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Microeconomics, AP American History
Vocational Courses: Career planning
Preparation Courses: SAT
Grade 12 Wasatch Academy Courses: Mathematics, English and Literature, Sciences (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Sports, Technology (ICY/Programming), Optional courses (Spanish/French/Advanced Arts/Music appreciation)
AP Courses: AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Macroeconomics, AP English language and writing, AP American History
Vocational Courses: Counselor, Accountant, Media Study
Preparation Courses: SAT